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:iconwthplz: normally I wouldn't complain about the nice and quiet....but this is just ridiculous!

I mean...where is everyone? Natsu? Grey?..Loki? D:> -face palms- Ugh...I'm starting to miss them all squabbling like immature children. I'm starting to miss Natsu and Happy breaking into my appartment and stealing my food! And Loki just being there and helpful! :iconwhutplz: even a cheesy chat up line from him would be great right now....
And I'm starting to miss Grey with his stripping habbits----...well'd be nice to see Grey....WITH CLOTHES ON :icondeathstareplz:

>A> ugh...-Slumps back down onto her couch and tosses a magazine she was flicking through aimlessly to one side- ;x; ngh...I don't know. It's been a while -A- I hope everyone is alright.....I-I'm kinda getting lonely..........-tilts her head up-

:iconidislikeitplz: Oh my god....why am I talking to myself?

QAQ I AM SO STRESSED ALDJKS -grabs a pillow and screams into it- :iconbaawwplz: STRESS ISN'T MEANT TO BE GOOD FOR THE HUMAN BODY! AND IF I RUIN THAT THEN MY SEX APPEAL IS RUINEDDDDDDDDDD -curls up on the couch and sobs-

(ooc: ;A; DEAD RP IS DEAD......)

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Eh..Hey Jubia -short wave-...ouo

:iconlll-plz: if you're here to tell me to back off from Grey, then i'll just let you know that -waves arms about- I'm well away! QAQ Please don't rain on me -tries to cover her hair-
-hides back from the wall-
-small silence-
-peeks back and looks at Lucy- ono...
SST0O0 Mar 23, 2010  Student Digital Artist
[A certain fuzzy-haired young man carrying a haversack is seen wandering through Magnolia. He seems to be looking through a map with some difficulty, or at least the expression on his face says it.]

I KNEW I shouldn't have taken that left turn...
Ah!! -smile- Lucy-chan! C: -waves-

Eh? -looks over- alksds -runs over- :iconcblushplz: MIRA JANE! You made it too! *U* Are you alright??
Hehehe! I did! I did get lost on the way...for some reason...But I made it! :iconhurrplz:
Aah OAO! Lost? D:>;; Yeah I guess it can get a little confusing knowing which way to go -she looks around, slinking over to Mira-

oAo You don't seem too shaken up salkdsf NOT THAT YOU WOULD BE! *u* You're a model! LIKE THE BEST! DB< You can't be put through this! From now on -w- If you're ever lost :iconcblushplz: I'll help you!

I knew you were here! Natsu didn't believe me C:< BUT I TOTALLY KNEW! :iconcrazymikuplz: He is going to feel SO dumb huahaha
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thanks for the fave! <3<3<3
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